Non-modern but minimalist apartments

Today I have another offer for you – marbella apartments for sale Centrummarbella.

If you are looking for a property or rather an apartment for sale, you will definitely choose here!

Price: one hundred and fifty thousand euros

Number of rooms: two + bathroom

Area: one hundred square meters

First Apartment: A special apartment in a 50% old-fashioned elegant style


This apartment is really semi-modern and semi-modern, so if you are a lover of history and at the same time charming elegance, this apartment is just for you. When we enter the apartment through a dark brown (one would say black) door, we can see the first room, which is the kitchen. The drawers and drawers in the kitchen are white, only one drawer is brown (reminiscent of wood material). The kitchen and bedroom are separated by a curtain in one room (which is special, but someone may like it). The whole bedroom is painted in white-light gray, so it can look really minimalist. Another (and therefore the second room) is the living room, which is really beautifully sweetened to gray (but darker). In the living room there are small round coffee tables, a smart TV and opposite the coffee tables there is another storage table that has a bicycle as a support, which is really original. From the living room there is a balcony where you can sit, relax and drink coffee. Of course, there is also a toilet in the house, which is also in gray foundations. The whole house looks modern or elegant minimalist style.


Second apartment: Minimalist apartment in light gray-light green

Price: ten thousand euros

Number of rooms: one + bathroom

Area: seventy square meters

This apartment also certainly has its charm and is inconspicuously similar in style to the previous apartment.

There is only one room in the house and that is a connected bedroom with a living room + a large bathroom.